The year 2009 saw even more first ever happenings such as first Bollywood magazine launch, participation by many organizations like  Scouts Victoria, the Gujarati Association of Victoria (GAV), Rajathani Kutumb & the Bengali Association (BAV). A biggest Bollywood dance workshop was conducted by the famous Shiamak Indo Jazz Movement.


The event got further recognition when the Indian Government sent a eleven member traditional folk dance troupe from Manipur to participate in this event. A charity initiative was introduced by collaborating with the Cancer Foundation to raise funds and awareness of Breast cancer among Victorian communities of south Asian background.


This year again saw the presence of the Top brass in Victorian and Indian Governments as well as many prominent business leaders such as CEO of the Melbourne Airport Mr Chris Woodruff among many others.


This year more than 60,000 people attended the Diwali festivity setting a new record not only in Victoria but for all Australia. This year, Melbourne International Airport joined the Diwali’s festivities and the departure and arrival lounges were decorated for 10 days along with the other Victorian iconic buildings


Its success was further highlighted when VMC included DIWALI as a major Indian festival held in Victoria, in their 2010 calendar for the first time. It was also a theme for October in the Cancer foundation’s calendar for 2009. It also caught the eye of the international media.  This event was covered by the Indian print media and TV, Sunrise Radio in the UK and Times in USA as well as via net news in many European countries.